My federated brain-dump

Fri, 26 Jan 2024 20:41 UTC

De-federating #Threads and anyone else for that matter serves very little purpose. ActivityPub is an open source protocol and a very, very chatty one at that!

De-federation can be compared to an ostrich with it’s head in the sand; the ostrich (the de-federating server) sees no one and nothing and is therefore quite content, believing perhaps incorrectly that no one can see it as well.

If de-federation of Threads is being done to protect one’s server and users somehow from #Meta, then this idea is misinformed. If the basis is to have nothing to do with Threads, then this is fine and one’s prerogative, but is still very much a one-way street; the ostrich.

Take this example: de-federate Server B from Server A. Users on both sides cannot interact with each other BUT they can still ‘see’ each other by, e.g. RSS, via the API and so forth. So, a user on Server B, can still ‘follow’ someone on Server A via RSS if they so wish; the only thing that is limited is the interaction. Users on Server A, meanwhile, cannot easily ‘follow’ someone on Server B via RSS but it is quite possible via a proxy. Very easy in fact.

So, the question is: what is the reason exactly for de-federating Threads? Data protection? Not possible. Hate of everything Meta? More reasonable and understandable but technically difficult to work around. Server-hopping does not offer any tangible advantage over simply not interacting with anyone on Threads if one so chooses.