All about cybrkyd

I’m cybrkyd and this is where I blog.

This blog is a collection of tips and tricks and guides that have helped me and will hopefully help someone else. I will also offer my own random thoughts and opinions.

On Programming

If programming is getting a computer to do-as-you-say, then I am a programmer. I am mostly a proud script kiddie / newbie who has a tonne of fun finding cool and efficient ways of doing stuff in cyberspace and on my computer…by any means necessary. And mostly for free.

My Likes

I use Linux. I like Linux. I’m satisfied with FOSS. I also like git, Nano, Firefox, Genie, GIMP, gpg.

In my playground, I enjoy having fun with python, SQL, CSS, HTML, PHP, bash.

I very much like chuckling at “experts” who forget that they were once newbies!

My Motto

If it’s closed and it works, then break it, open it and smash it down to its smallest atom. Then, put it back together, only better, faster, cheaper; free is best. Then do it again but on something else.

That’s just how I roll.

Please feel free to get in touch using the details on my contact page.