Conky Ironman Theme

 Sat, 29 Oct 2022 10:31 UTC

Conky Ironman Theme
Conky logo: Conky | This image: CC BY 4.0 by cybrkyd

I’m not one for obsessing over my desktop. See my post about how I go from installation to production in less than one hour. My philosophy is simple: spend as little time as possible decorating my workspace and spend more time actually doing some work.

I do allow myself one tiny indulgence and that is Conky. I value having a quick check on what and how my system is doing without opening anything or running some obscure command.

Introducing Conky Ironman

Ironman is a beautiful, clean Conky theme which displays date and time, system info, network status, live crypto prices and a to-do list. Conky Ironman uses a light-coloured font by default so is best suited to a dark background. Feel free to adapt to suit your own needs.


The Conky Ironman theme requires Conky version 1.0+. This is available in your favourite repository. There are three fonts used in the theme: Ubuntu, OpenSans and Kanit Thin, all included in my GitHub repo.


Grab Conky Ironman from GitHub and enjoy.