I Use Linux

I Use Linux
Tux logo: Larry Ewing | This image: CC0 by cybrkyd

I use Linux as my main desktop OS and on my laptop. The reason I use Linux is because it offers me freedom, privacy and transparency over and above what any other operating system does. And, of course, the best part is that it is 100% free!

My current flavour is Linux Mint and I quite like the Cinnamon edition. I have also had experience using Fedora and Arch but fell in love with the Debian-based derivatives and have stuck with those.

I’m not a fan of Ubuntu - even though Linux Mint uses Ubuntu’s package base - due to the whole let’s-force-Snap-down-your-throat moves with regards to Chromium and Firefox browsers. Yes, yes, Ubuntu took the Linux desktop to the masses etc. but I cannot fathom Ubuntu’s motivations with regards to Snap. There is an element of removing control from the end-user with forcing Snap upon them, in my opinion. That said, no Ubuntu for me, ever.

A note on Debian: they are absolutely unparalleled when it comes to their software repository. However, Debian’s emphasis on the long term support model makes them a poor choice for anyone looking to use the latest versions of their favourite apps.

I intend to add a post or two about my desktop setup and offer some tips and tricks that have made my life so much more easier and productive. If you are still playing in Windows, consider the move to a Linux OS. You will soon ask yourself what took you so long to make the switch.

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