Mastodon Solarized Theme

 Mon, 29 Jan 2024 18:01 UTC

Mastodon Solarized Theme
Image: CC BY 4.0 by cybrkyd

UPDATE: My Mastodon instance crashed and burned! I no longer use Mastodon.

Following on from my Mastodon White Theme, I created a solarized theme, using the standard Solarized colour palette.

I ended up with about 500 lines of CSS and something that looks awesome! Find the full CSS file on Github.

Home Page

The UI has been slimmed down and various changes have been applied.

  • Borders between the three columns have been removed
  • The Mastodon logo is gone
  • Right-side navigation tab marker added
  • Bookmarks, Favourites and Lists links have been removed from the right-side navigation
  • Hashtags, links and buttons have the colour scheme applied
  • Bigger compose box
  • The footer is gone - no more bottom-left links and no more right-side top-three trends

The Timeline

  • The main timeline column is wider at resolutions above 1,300px
  • The action button “Bookmark” has been removed
  • The action buttons (Reply, Boost, Favourite) have been aligned to the right
  • Link preview card - the links do not change colour when hovering

Alt Text

Whilst I always try adding alt-text to images, I do not like being made to police other people’s images, checking whether they have added alt-text or not. I have therefore removed the alt-text overlay on images in my timeline.

About Page

  • The Mastodon logo is gone
  • About, Server Rules and Moderated Instances links are not shown
  • The footer is gone - no more bottom-left links and no more right-side top-three trends
  • All Mastodon marketing links - gone, bye-bye!

What remains is the centre column with a brief “Hello” and a link to log-in.

Preferences and Admin Pages

The Preferences and Admin pages are mostly themed with the blue colour scheme but I have not really paid too much attention to the back-end.